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Portrait of a male Earthlain
Portrait of a female Earthlain

Earthlain are one of the races appearing in Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth. They appears to be counterpart to humans and have a larger pool of accessible classes compared to the other races, having access to four different classes instead of two. Their classes tend to be balanced in every stats with the exception of the INT stat being their shared weakness.

List of Earthlain classes

Dragoon: A knight clad in armor as hard as dragonhide. Equally at home with a shield or a cannon.

Fencer: An adept swordfighter that can dodge enemy attacks and deal dazzling combination strikes.

Harbinger: Manipulators of miasma. They weaken foes with it, then use scythes to cut them down.

Pugilist: Warriors trained in martial arts. Their precise strikes can seal enemy limbs.