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Etrian Odyssey Wiki:Migrating from EOW on Fandom

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This is a project page for coordinating the efforts to migrate staff, content, etc. over from the EOW on Wikia/Fandom to here.

Discord link for discussions:

Background Info

Note: this is giving results from an ongoing poll and might have out-of-date info

By a vote of 14-0-10 on the Wikia's server, and a vote of 1-0-0 from the Wiki, the wiki community of the Wikia decided to move to the Wiki

Proposed plan:

Phase 1

A. Import content from EO Wikia to EO Wiki under a custom namespace

B. Give staff and editors of the Wikia respective roles on this wiki

Phase 2

2. Focus on improving the quality of the wiki:

A. Modify content to fit EO Wiki's design schemes and/or come up with new ones in order to help keep the two wikis distinguished

B. Build new content from scratch

Phase 3

3. Once quality has improved, ask for parternerships with sites:

A. New Places:

  • StrategyWiki
  • r/EtrianOdysseywiki
  • Mystery Dungeon Wiki

B. Old places we were or are still are affiliated with to double check with:

Specific areas to improve upon

  1. Text in foot is hard to read