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Help:Moving pages

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Moving a page is basically renaming the page. This is usually necessary to ensure that the article's name meets Etrian Odyssey Wiki's naming standards. This page lists the steps to be taken if you are considering renaming a page.

  1. Ensure that the proposed new name of the page is acceptable to the community. Before moving the page, add {{Move}} to the top of the article, and state your reasons for moving the page on its talk page. This step is unnecessary if moving because of a spelling/grammar error in the current title.
  2. If the new name is accepted, click the "move" tab at the top of the page. On the form you are presented with, enter the article's new name, and the reason for renaming the article, and click the "Move page" button.
  3. If you feel that the article's old name does not need to be retained as a redirect to the new name (e.g. a misspelling), place the {{Speedy delete}} template on the old page. An administrator will dispose of it later. Make sure to check the "What links here" information for the old title (found in the sidebar, under "toolbox") first. Change any links to the old title, so they link to the new one instead.

Note: Never move a page by simply copying its content, and pasting it at the new title. The above steps are necessary to ensure that the page's history is moved with its content; this is important, as it ensures that all contributors to the article are properly credited, and allows changes to the page to easily be tracked. If someone does move a page by copying and pasting, an administrator will need to merge the pages' histories (see here).

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